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Homopolymer Polypropylene PP Homopolymer PowderTypePP-H-012PP-H-045MFR0.5-2.22-6Stacking density0.4-0.50.4-0.5Ash content100100Isotacticity9795Tensile strength3036Elongation at break3535Flexural strength4545Flexural Modulus13001300IZOD Impact Strength2.52.5Applications: Modification, Injection and WiredrawingDetailed Usage

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Homopolymer Polypropylene
PP Homopolymer Powder
Stacking density0.4-0.50.4-0.5
Ash content100100
Tensile strength3036
Elongation at break3535
Flexural strength4545
Flexural Modulus13001300
IZOD Impact Strength2.52.5
Applications: Modification, Injection and Wiredrawing
Detailed Usage including: Monofilament, (Lacerate) Film, Packing Bag, Backing of Carpet, Thread, Rope, Packing Belt, Silk Spinning for Woven Bag, Cast Film or Tube Film, Lamination, The Inner Drum and Base of Washing Machine, Household and Packing or Industry Fiber etc.
Homopolymer Polypropylene granules
MFR (2.16kg)---------------------------------------------------------------------3~5 g/10min
Tensile Strenght--------------------------------------------------------------------->30 Mpa
Ash Content---------------------------------------------------------------------------≤0.03%
Yellow Index-----------------------------------------------------------------------------≤4

Description: A polymer used for general purpose with perfect property in Anti-impact, exhibits excellent processing performance in long-term usage.

Applications: The spinning of woven bag wire, Production of cast film and tube film, Package Material, Carpet, Artificial grass, Rope or mono-silk for packing etc.

Exterior-------------------------------------------------------------------Transparent Granule
MFR--------------------------------------------------------------------1.5~6 g/10min, 2.16kg
Tensile Strength---------------------------------------------------------------------≥29 Mpa
Notched Charpy Impact Strength at 23ºC---------------------------------------------------≥8 kJ/m²
Flexural Modulus--------------------------------------------------------------------≥900 Mpa
Melting Point--------------------------------------------------------------------------<140ºC
Haze Ratio-----------------------------------------------------------------------------<18%
Yellow Index-----------------------------------------------------------------------------≤4

Description: PP random copolymer of high transparency, Perfect transparency and fineness, Good sensory taste, Excellent balance of tenacity and rigidity, High crystallization temperature.

Applications: Widely used for the thermoforming products by technology of 1 or 2 steps method, including high transparent pallet, cups for milk tea or other food containers, furniture product and thin package material, medicine bottle or transparent cup lid by injection, blowing and extrusion method, sheets, stationery product, high transparency and gloss woven bag, and the modification of other polypropylene by blending.
Hy Brand Factory Price PP for Sheet or Thermoforming
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As professional manufacturer of polyolefin, we, Shandong Orient Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd had been specialized in this industry for about 9 years from 2009 when it was registered with a capital of 164000000 CNY. We have 2 factories of polypropylene with granulation equipments of which the annual yield per line is about 180,000.00 metric tons. Besides, we have 2 polymerizing unit of polybutylene of the which the total output per year is 50,000 metric tons. Our products including PP homopolymer, PP random copolymer and polybutylene (PB-1), are all underwriting of CPIP.
Hy Brand Factory Price PP for Sheet or Thermoforming

1. We are a company with LPG further processing unit from which some of stock can be acquired, that make our cost some low.
2. Located at the crucial node of the Blue Economy Zone of Shandong Peninsula, the High-end Industry Gathering Zone of Jaodong Peninsula and the High-efficiency Economy Zone of Huanghe Delta, we have the advantages of convenient transportation and conspicuous location policy.
3. We have our own patents of product design and processing.
4. The professional R/D advantages of our company from the cooperation with the major national experiment institute in rubber and plastic industry.

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