Pneumatic testing machine for pressures up to 800 bar

Technical Parameters numberProject requirementsPerformance indicators 1.SubjectPVC hose2.FeaturesPressure resistance, burst test3.Test mediumWater/prepared by customer4.Test pressure1~8MPa/Can be set in the range5.Pressure test accuracy±0.5%F.S6.Pressure control accuracy±2%F.S7.Boost rate10KPa/S(Set the boost

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Technical Parameters
numberProject requirementsPerformance indicators
1.SubjectPVC hose
2.FeaturesPressure resistance, burst test
3.Test mediumWater/prepared by customer
4.Test pressure1~8MPa/Can be set in the range
5.Pressure test accuracy±0.5%F.S
6.Pressure control accuracy±2%F.S
7.Boost rate10KPa/S(Set the boost rate as needed)
8.Medium temperatureRoom temperature
9.Ambient temperatureRoom temperature
10.Simultaneous test pieces1 item
11.control methodAutomatic control(PLC control, touch screen set test parameters)

Product Introduction

The main function:
MPT series bursting pressure test bench can carry out water (oil) pressure test on various pipelines and containers. For different test purposes, multi-step pressure test and burst test can be carried out on the tested parts by pressure setting.

Air Pressure Test Machine with Max 800 Bar Pressure
Description of equipment actions and the functions implemented
  1. Pressure burst test on cold PVC hose and composite hose;
  2. Using a pneumatic booster system, the boost rate can be set within the range as needed;
  3. Using the pneumatic supercharger independently developed by our company as the supercharging device, the boosting speed is fast and the pressure is stable;
  4. Adopt PLC control, set and display the number of tests, pressure, time, etc. through the touch screen, automatically stop the test and complete the task alarm buzzer when the requirements are met;
  5. The test bed is equipped with an emergency button, and the test can be stopped immediately if there is an event.
  6. Typical test procedure:
Constant speed boost-bursting
Constant speed boost-Holding pressure-bursting
Constant speed boost-Holding pressure-Pressure relief
Constant speed boost-Holding pressure-constant speed boost-Holding pressure-Until bursting

       7. The operation interface is similar to the following figure:
Test bench structure
The main componentsDetailed compositionFunction description
power systemLow-pressure compressed air (user-supplied), water tank, gas-liquid booster pump, filter and pipingProviding a pressure source for the test bed booster system;
Drive gas source treatmentDrive air line with two parts, filterFilter and oil mist treatment for drive line gases
Test cabinetThe frame structure is welded for ordinary carbon steel profilesSurface anti-rust and spray decoration treatment
Control SystemComposed of pneumatic proportional valve, solenoid valve, high pressure gas control needle valve, etc.Controlling the pressure of the gas source to control the pressure of the high pressure liquid from the gas-liquid booster pump
Liquid filled exhaust systemThe system consists of a water pump, a filter, and a solenoid valve.Manual exhaust, close the charge pump and solenoid valve after the test piece is filled with the test medium
Test piece installation roomThe test room consists of a liquid filling system..Workpiece installation, -- station design
Electrical control systemElectrical control panel in the electrical cabinet 
measuring systemPressure sensor, pressure gauge, etc.Data measurement for pressure
Control SystemPLC control: PLC controller is installed in the operation cabinet, and the external touch screen is used for control operation;The test setup and operation are completed by touch screen operation, the control program is mature, the interface is humanized, and the operation reliability is high;

Part of Machine

Air Pressure Test Machine with Max 800 Bar Pressure

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Air Pressure Test Machine with Max 800 Bar Pressure


1. Delivery Term: FOB Qingdao, by vessel
2. Delivery Time: 15-20 days
3. Payment Terms: T/T (100% to pay by T/T )
4. Installation / Operation / Service / Manual: In English
5. Warranty: One year from the date of completion of the commissioning.
6. Pre-shipment Inspection: Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier's factory before shipment.

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Air Pressure Test Machine with Max 800 Bar Pressure

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